Preparing your pets for the big move into your new home

Home moves can be motivated by a variety of factors.  It can be exciting, with new opportunities, new jobs or even the opposite. In either case, moving is a long process, can be tiring, frustrating, and involves a lot of emotions. Change is generally disliked by most of us. There is discomfort associated with change.  And so do your pets. The change in their routines will have a big impact on them. In Floof VIPets, we believe that it is possible for relocation to be less stressful for everyone, including your four legged-family member. To help you move with your pets, we’ve put together this informative guide.

Before the big move

The key to a successful move is planning.  Prepare ahead of time, the more time you have,  the more relaxed you will be. When the moving day comes closer, we don’t want to run like a headless chicken. 

Keep their previous daily routine

Try your very best to continue the same timetable you have set for your pets when it comes to feeding, playing and going for a walk. After hours of packing, relax and spend some time with your fur baby and give them some kisses and cuddles. And also pack your pets stuff on the day of departure. Don’t pack away items that comfort them until moving day arrives.

Expose the moving supplies

Before you start packing, leave the moving supplies on one side of the house and allow your pets to get familiar with it.  You won’t have to worry about them getting scared of packing by the time you start. Consider where you store the moving  supplies, do your best to keep  your pet’s little sanctuary as comfortable as possible. Ensure that your pets do not investigate your moving supplies unattended.  It isn’t a good idea to let your curious pets explore items that may harm them. 

Put your suitcases on display

The sight of your suitcase can be stressful for some pets. A suitcase can signal to them that you are leaving and they will be without you. By displaying your suitcases in advance, they can get used to seeing them and reassure them that you will not be leaving without them.

Crate train your Pet

Familiarize your pet with its carrier a few months or weeks before the move date. Let them explore and investigate the crate. Remove the door so your pet can come out whenever he wants to. Place the crate in a quiet place in your home so your pet can associate the crate with a calm and safe place. You can put his favorite toys, blankets, and some treats inside. You may take your pet for a drive in the crate and bring them with you when you run errands.

Visit your veterinarian

Documents pertaining to your pet’s health may be needed depending on your mode of travel and destination. Enlisting the help of a pet relocation service can go a long way in helping you prepare for your pet’s needs. Once you know what is needed, you should visit your veterinarian to get everything in order.

Prepare your pet’s travel bag

It is important to have all your pet’s necessities packed and ready to go. A few essentials include water, water bowls, favorite toys, a blanket, food, treats, cat litter, litter tray, collars, harnesses and leashes, and a pet first aid kit. Packing some baby wipes, gloves, and ziploc bags to help with any cleanups. 

During the hectic days of packing, it would be a good idea to ask a friend, family member, or boarding kennel or cattery to let your pet stay with them for a few days. If that’s not possible, maintaining your pet’s routines helps them ease the transition of moving. After hours of packing, relax and spend some time with your furry friend. Take your dog for a walk, play with your kitty, and snuggle with them. As well as giving your pets some alone time, our pets have their favorite room in our homes, allow them to relax there so they can retreat from the chaos. And let this room be the last room you pack away. That’s where their bowls, blankets, toys, and beds will be placed. And, of course, a few treats. On the day of moving, let your pet stay inside this room and keep them away from the hectic traffic of moving. It can be quite frightening for a pet to have movers and strangers coming in and out of the house.  When our pets are confused this causes them to hide or run away. Most importantly, remember that our pets are very good at sensing our moods, our energies. It is best to keep calm, breathe, and enjoy the journey. Ultimately, it is beneficial to us and to our furry family members.

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