Staying cool with your dogs during the UAE summer

Summer time in UAE, youre stuck at home! How do you keep your pet entertained indoors? It is necessary to provide your dog with indoor activities when they are inside your home for long hours. 

Hence, your dog might not be able to play outside during the day. The good news is that we understand your dilemma and have come up with a list of suggestions. Keeping your dog entertained can be as simple as trying some of them.

Interactive toys provide lots of fun

Toys that are interactive can stimulate your pets thinking and reward him at the same time. A common feature of these toys is that they are usually stuffed with treats. It takes some training for dogs to use the toy to access the treats because it requires some skill.

Interactive toys can keep your four legged friend entertained for a long time.

Train a new skill

Training your dog can be conducted at any time, but if you are stuck indoors, you may wish to practice simple or even more complex commands that do not require a lot of space. We believe that no matter the age of a dog they can learn new tricks. There are numerous abilities your dog can master, and training him with an interesting new trick is an exciting way to connect with him and at the same time keep him entertained.

Your dog may find a training session interesting and enjoyable even if he is already familiar with the commands. One great idea would be to teach your pal the names of his treats and toys so that he can go and fetch them on his own.

Playing with puzzle toys

A dogs ability to learn is remarkable, and they can also be incredibly intelligent. With puzzle games they get engaged, challenged and  intrigued.  This can be achieved  by placing treats in cups, moving them around, and letting the canines figure out where the treats are. Or, to keep your pup bustling  for a short while, get him a  treat dispenser.

Dog-friendly ice cream

Summertime isnt complete without ice cream, right? Dog-friendly ice cream is a classic treat your dog will love! Theres always room for ice cream for you and your best pal, although keep your dogs health in mind and try some cold treats or some other alternative snacks. For sure you may enjoy them, too.

Get a new hairstyle for summer

With temperatures rising during summer months, you may need to trim your dogs fur. No matter whether you cut your dogs hair yourself or have them groomed by a professional, it is great to give them a fresh cut to relieve them from the heat.

Experience the joy of strolling in the evening

It is possible for your dog to enjoy a nighttime stroll when the temperatures are at their lowest and the evening breeze is fresh. Invite a friend or family member to walk with you and your dog. It is simple and fun. Its also nice to get some fresh air.

Although your dog is normally well mannered off a leash and you are taking a low-traffic route, it is important that you always walk your dog on a leash at night. The same with  humans, in the dark, dogs are much more easily astounded, so keep them within your immediate sight and control. If you normally use a long or retractable leash during the day, consider swapping to a shorter leash in the evenings to keep your dog closer for added safety.

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